About the Directory

Important information about eligibility for and inclusion in the Columbia University Student Group Directory.

Faculty and administrative advisors sponsor a site by approving of the student group request to own a website on the Columbia Sites platform and by signing a service level agreement, and signing a scope of work if necessary.

A service level agreement outlines the services available through the platform and identifies those the group has chosen. It also identifies all parties to the agreement, along with the responsibilities each owes to the other parties regarding the platform. The basic level of service is free.

A scope of work identifies and defines any custom work agreed to by all parties to the service level agreement and indicates the cost of such work. All work requiring custom development is a paid add-on.

The directory is a partnership between Columbia University Information Technology, the Office of Communications and Public Affairs, the Office of the Provost, and the Office of University Life. It is maintained by the Office of University Life.

Email suggested changes to [email protected].

A number of University policies and guidelines inform the appropriate use of the platform and the directory. Some of these are:

Read about other important polices and guidelines.