Add Your Org to the Directory

If You Already Have a Site

Email [email protected] with a link to your site and Student Group Directory in the subject line. Your site must be on the columbia.edu domain.

Not on the Columbia Domain?

That's okay. Dot orgs, .coms, and .nets are not eligible for inclusion, but you can get a free site on the columbia.edu domain. Learn how below.

You Need a Site

If your group's faculty or administrative sponsor approves of your site request, your group is eligible for a free site. Learn more below.

Request a Site for Your Club

Follow these steps to get a free site for your organization. All sites offered through this program are built on the Columbia Sites platform and will live on the studentgroups.columbia.edu domain. All student group sites must be fourth-level domains, e.g., mygroup.studentgroups.columbia.edu.

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1. Read the Acceptable Use of Information Resources Policy

This policy establishes the accountability of all users of University information resources and codifies appropriate usage.

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2. Choose a Model

There are three models; choose the one that best fits your content needs. Ask for help if you're unsure. Pro tip: Make a list of all your content first.

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3. Request a Site

Complete this form and submit it. This info helps us make sure you get the right model and have the resources to manage a site.

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4. Get Approval

Your group must have approval from your student body governing board, and the group's faculty or administrative advisor must agree to sponsor your site. Approvals should be emailed to [email protected] with the name of the student group in the subject line.

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5. Sign up for Training

Columbia Sites offers nine workshops. To get started, sign up for the How to Use Drupal training; it's completion is required to gain access to your site.

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6. Request a URL

Domain name requests are decided by a committee of University administrators. Email your request for a URL to [email protected].